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Ventura College Athletics Hall of Fame

The Ventura College Athletic Hall of Fame was founded in 2005, afterover 95 years of athletic history at multiple Ventura College campuses, sixty of those years on the current college site. The Hall of Fame operates under the Ventura College Athletic Association, an affiliate of the Ventura College Foundation. The Hall of Fame organization was formed to honor the many great athletes, coaches, athletic contributors and alumni who are part of the extraordinary history of Ventura College athletics.

The Athletic Hall of Fame and its inductees are reminders of the triumph of the human spirit and are symbolic of the dedication and commitment of the student athletes, whose accomplishments, on and off the field of play have been exemplary. Recognizing distinguished athletes, coaches, contributors and alumni, and honoring their achievements, is the objective of the Hall of Fame.

Ventura College Athletic Hall of Fame Eligibility Requirements

Ventura College Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Ventura College Pirate Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees

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