Ventura College Athletics

Administration and Support

Tim Harrison, Ed.D.

Dean of Athletics

Phone: 805-289-6121

Jimmy Walker

Interim Director of Intercollegiate Athletics

Phone: 805-289-6423

Robin Hester

Sports Information Officer

Phone: 805-289-6521

Sheehan Casey

Athletics Counselor

Phone: 805-289-6515

Jaycie Sullivan

Division Administrative Assistant

Phone: 805-289-6120

Kathleen Gilligan

Athletics Secretary

Phone: 805-289-6117

Tyler Hickok

Athletic Trainer

Phone: 805-289-6142

Nathan Donnelly

Athletic Trainer

Phone: 805-289-6421

Jessie Llamas

Women's Equipment Manager

Phone: 805-289-6137

Chet Sterling

Men's Equipment Manager

Phone: 805-289-6598

Lori Kramer

Eligibility Clerk

Phone: 805-289-6027