Ventura College Athletics

Pirate Football Secures 4-Peat With Victory Over Bakersfield

The stage was set. With the Pirates ahead 41-31 with just inside three minutes remaining, a VC field goal would force Bakersfield to score two touchdowns to complete a miraculous comeback. Ventura would be close to clinching the game and their fourth straight SCFA Northern Conference title. But close was not good enough. As Cooper Garcia prepared for his 44-yard field goal, Ventura head coach Steve Mooshagian had something else in mind. On the snap of the ball, right end Trevon Lambert ran across the formation, receiving a shuffle pass from holder Connor MacArthur. He sprinted around the left end and raced untouched 27 yards nto the end zone for a Pirate touchdown, sealing the 4-peat for VC.  The Pirates had secured their conference title, but the visiting Renegades made the Pirates work for it.