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Team Year-by-Year Records

Year Coach   WSC Finish SoCal Finish State Finish
2019 Tony Veney (M) M 9th/13 25th/26  
Melody Axtell (W) W 3rd/14 7th/28 6th/20
2018 Tony Veney (M) M 5th/14 24th/28  
Melody Axtell (W) W 3rd/15 7th/26 8th/20
2017 Tony Veney (M) M 2nd/11 10th/28 10th/21
Melody Axtell (W*) W 3rd/12 2nd/26 3rd/20
2016 Tony Veney (M & W) M 7th/12 11th/28 14th/28
W 5th/13 8th/28 11th/28
2015 Tony Veney (M & W) M 7th/12 19th/27  
W 6th/12 13th/27 17th/27
2014 Tony Veney (M & W) M 9th/12 25th/28  
W 4th/12 14th/27 22nd/28
2013 Tony Veney (M & W) M 6th/12 20th/28  
W 7th/14 16th/27 23rd/27
2012 Tony Veney (M & W) M No men's team in 2012
W 4th/13 12th/28 18th/28
2011 Jaime Castaneda (M & W) M 4th/12 17th/28 18th/28
W 7th/11 26th/28  
2010 Tony Veney (M) M 4th/13 13th/28 15th/28
Nancy Fredrickson (W) W 5th/13 20th/28 21st/28
2009 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W) M 2nd/13 12th/28  11th/28
W t3rd/13 12th/28 12th/26
2008 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W) M 3rd/13 11th/28  14th/24
W 3rd/13 15th/27  
2007 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W) M 3rd/13 16th/33   
W 2nd/13 14th/33 13th/23
2006 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W) M 9th/13 25th/28  
W 3rd/13 10th/28 12th/21
2005 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W) M 2nd/13 6th/27 n/a
W 6th/12 11th/27 13th/21
2004 Nancy Fredrickson (M* & W) M 1st/12 n/a 5th/24 
W 2nd/13 n/a 5th/21
2003 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W*) M 2nd/13 n/a 7th/17
W 1st/12 n/a 7th/17
2002 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W*) M 4th/13 7th/26  11th/25
W 1st/13 3rd/26 6th/27
2001 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W) M t2nd/13 n/a 14th/27 
W 6th/13 n/a  
2000 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W) M 2nd/12  n/a 16th/27 
W 2nd/13 n/a 15th/24
1999 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W*) M 3rd/12    
W t2nd/13 n/a  n/a
1998 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W) M 5th/12    
W 7th/11    
1997 Tuck Mason (M & W) M t3rd/10    
W 3rd/10    
1996 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 2nd/11    
W 2nd/10    
1995 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 5th/11    
W 4th/10    
1994 Nancy Fredrickson (M & W*) M 6th/10    
W t3rd/9    
1993 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 3rd/10    
W 3rd/10    
1992 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 2nd/10    
W 1st/10    
1991 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 4th/10    
W 6th/9    
1990 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 3rd/11    
W 3rd/11    
1989 Tuck Mason (M* & W) M 1st/11    
W 5th/11    
1988 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 5th/11    
W 4th/11    
1987 Tuck Mason (M & W*) M 2nd/10    
W t1st/9    
1986 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 3rd/11    
W 5th/11    
1985 Tuck Mason (M & W) M t3rd/7    
W t3rd/4    
1984 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 4th/7    
W 3rd/7    
1983 Tuck Mason (M & W*) M t3rd/6    
W 1st/6    
1982 Tuck Mason (M* & W*) M t1st/6    
W 1st/6    
1981 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 7th/10    
W t2nd/9    
1980 Tuck Mason (M & W) M 1st/12    
W 3rd/10    

^ = SoCal Finishes Available from 2002.
# = State Finishes Available from 1999
* = WSC Coach of the Year (1982-2020)


1983 Women's XC State Champions