Ventura College Athletics

Staff Directory

Administration and Support

Name Title Phone Email
Athletic Tracers please email 805-289-6423
Bernard Gibson Dean of Athletics 805-289-6121
Jimmy Walker Director of Intercollegiate Athletics 805-289-6423
Robin Hester Sports Information Officer 805-289-6521
Sheehan Casey Athletics Counselor 805-289-6515
Noelle Neal Division Administrative Assistant 805-289-6120
TBA Athletics Secretary
Tyler Hickok Athletic Trainer 805-289-6142
Nathan Donnelly Athletic Trainer 805-289-6421
Jessie Llamas Women's Equipment Manager 805-289-6137
David Pike Men's Equipment Manager 805-289-6277


Name Title Phone Email
Cole Mahoney-Bruer Head Coach 805 652-7779 ext=51714
Charles Merricks Assistant Coach 805-289-6423

Men's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Joey Ramirez Head Coach 805-289-6139
Alonzo McCain Assistant Coach
Mike Anderson Assistant Coach

Women's Basketball

Name Title Phone Email
Ned Mircetic Head Coach 805-289-6118
Robin Hester Assistant Coach 805-289-6521
Maria Christine Assistant Coach 805-289-6118

Beach Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Brad Lyans Head Coach 805-289-6000 x51310

Cross Country

Name Title Phone Email
Martin Maciel Men's & Women's Head Coach 805-208-3698
Tom Czerwinski Assistant Coach 805-289-6000 x51220


Name Title Phone Email
Steve Mooshagian Head Coach / Director of Football Operations 805-289-6138
Terry Morris Associate Head Coach / Defensive Backs 805-289-6140
Jeff Fischer Offensive Coordinator / QB's / Recruiting Coordinator 805-289-6372
Mike Haydon Defensive Coordinator / Outside Linebackers 805-289-6345
Bobby Mooshagian Passing Game Coordinator / Wide Receivers / Creative Design 805-289-6345
Jake Colman Offensive Line / Run Game Coordinator 805-289-6345
Lonnie McCowan Special Teams Coordinator / Linebackers 805-289-6345

Men's Golf

Name Title Phone Email
Chad Wright Head Coach 805-701-2677
Dr. Chad Ishikawa Assistant Coach

Women's Soccer

Name Title Phone Email
Steve Hoffman Head Coach 805-289-6000 x50534
Michael Munoz Assistant Coach 805-289-6000 x50534
Alex Macias Assistant Coach


Name Title Phone Email
Sonia Ford Head Coach 805-289-6000 x50607
Tisha Duran Assistant Coach 805-289-6000 x50607

Swimming & Diving

Name Title Phone Email
Mary Giles Co-Head Coach 805-901-9998
Steve Reardon Co-Head Coach 818-389-8812

Men's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Nelson Emery Head Coach 805-289-6444
Jake Colman Assistant Coach 805-289-6345

Women's Tennis

Name Title Phone Email
Nelson Emery Head Coach 805-289-6000 x6444
Tara McLean Emery Assistant Coach 805-289-6444

Track & Field

Name Title Phone Email
Tom Czerwinski Head Coach 805-289-6000 x51220
Brian Fitzgerald Assistant Coach, Sprints & Relays
Martin Maciel Assistant Coach, Mid Distance, Distance 805-208-3698
Andrew VanConas Assistant Coach, Horizontal Jumps Coach 805-794-6333
Kevin Sherry Assistant Coach, Throws

Women's Volleyball

Name Title Phone Email
Brad Lyans Head Coach 805-289-6000 x51310

Men's Water Polo

Name Title Phone Email
Gary O'Brien Head Coach 310-487-3010
Steve Reardon Assistant Coach 818-389-8812

Women's Water Polo

Name Title Phone Email
Linda Wright Head Coach 559 309-2113
Shayle Barrus Assistant Coach